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Arma is a Halo (PC) multiplayer stunter who started stunting sometime in 2005 (estimate).[1][2] Most well-known for pioneering numerous (if not all) stunts involving Shades in Halo (PC) multiplayer, Arma created numerous stunts and is well-known amongst stunters.

Personality Edit

2005-2006 Edit

Arma had a longstanding (and possibly still unresolved) rivalry with hitmiester, another influential stunter from his time. Several stunters from TSM in 2005-2006 still feel negatively about Arma today.[3]

Today Edit

Most stunters feel that Arma has an eccentric personality, and is moderately difficult to approach. His pioneering of so many stunts makes him somewhat intimidating to newer stunters. While Arma can be extremely eccentric, stunters who know him have great respect for his somewhat crazy genius when it comes to the creation of new stunts.

Activity Edit

Arma was last seen online around mid-2012. Arma was most active in the years of 2006 and 2007, and has only been around occasionally since.

Arma joined HIH March 6, 2006, and the release of his primary stunting video, Arma's Stunting Extravaganza, followed only 21 days later. It's likely that Arma was stunting for awhile before 2006 in order to work up the skill required to create the stunts in this video.[citation needed]

Aliases Edit

Arma is known to use one primary alias in Halo: Årmå. He also participated in some of the tillfallig chaos of 2010.

Contributions Edit

Arma contributed a huge volume of stunts to Halo (PC) multiplayer, many of which are recorded in his only video release: Arma's Stunting Extravaganza. This video was originally published in 5 parts, and was created by BigGruntyThirst and Arma from 2005-2006. It was released March 27, 2006 on High Impact Halo, where it received largely favorable reviews.[4]

The greater majority (about 90%) of the stunts in Arma's Stunting Extravaganza were new at the time of the video's release. These stunts included numerous shade stunts, warp launches, shee lifts, ledges, vehicle and player insides (including the infamous Gil-Mobile), several balances, and several miscellaneous stunts (most notably vehicle spins). Which of these stunts were created by Arma and which were created by BGT is not known.[citation needed]

Arma also helped pioneer the methods to get Hogs and Tanks outside of Death Island, as seen in Still Stunting: Innovations.[5]

Asides from this, Arma has been attributed as the creator of numerous techniques and groups of stunts, including wall walks, vehicle spins, shee lifting, and shade flipping.

References Edit

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