Balances are stunts in which players balance objects in ways that would be bizarre or impossible in the real world. The points on which such objects are balanced are known as balance points.

In Halo: Combat Evolved, there are multiple different kinds of balances, each of which can be further refined into sub-categorizations by vehicle. These groups hold the different types of Balances which then can be further categorized by the point which the vehicle is balancing on. A number of bizarre balances can be achieved in the this game. This is because the physics for vehicles gives them numerous oddly-located balance points.

Phantom BalancesEdit

Halo 1 - Phantom Ghost Seat Balance

Ghost Phantom Seat Balance

Phantom balances involve vehicles balancing seemingly on air. The balance points for phantom balances are completely different than those for normal balances. So far, the Ghost is the only vehicle that has reproducible phantom balances. However, phantom balances have been inadvertently achieved with Warthogs. Phantom Balances are floor balances but are classified in a different category because they implement a glitch in Halo: Combat Evolved's programming that other floor balances do not.

Object BalancesEdit

1218152029 Halo2008-06-2701-12-34-62

Hog Balance on Big Pillar (Back)

Object balances involve the balancing of vehicles on balance points, including the seemingly normal ones. These stunts typically involve balancing vehicles on objects in the game such as portals, pillars, rocks, or walls. Such balances are generally categorized by vehicle.

Floor BalancesEdit

1218152063 Halo2008-03-3112-38-39-61

Ghost Nose Balance

Floor balances involve balancing vehicles on the floor. Because these balances are on the floor there are only a few stunts in this category. The reason that this is so is that, with object balances you can consider a Warthog right-side-up on a pillar a stunt, but with floor balances you cannot consider a Warthog right-side-up on the ground a stunt.

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