Curve Jumping is a trick jumping technique that allows players to "curve" around objects after jumping. While in the air, characters are able to slightly influence the direction the character is traveling by walking in a different direction. Using this slight influence and a well-timed late jump characters can guide themselves around objects and poles that the character would normally be stuck behind.


Vertical CurveEdit

Vertical curves are curve jumps that involve curving around objects that are horizontal. Instead of running around something and jumping, you run off of something and land somewhere that you can't reach with a straight falling trajectory.


S-Curves are curve jumps whose trajectory is in the shape of an "S". The extra curve in the jump is usually not from the curve part of the jump, but is obtained during the late jump step of the jump. Using a perfectly timed late jump and a thin wall the character can curve around the wall before jumping and then again from there, resulting in an "S" shape.


Almost all curve jumps are identical. There are small variations that exist, but in general all curves have two main steps:

  1. Late Jumping. This is the part before the player is curving. The late jump is the setup for the curve and is very important to get right.
  2. Curving. This is the part where the character is in the air and is walking towards where the want to land while in the air.

Considering these two steps, a curve jump is very simple. Unfortunately, curve jumps can be very difficult and may require save jumping to land. To do a curve jump you must follow these steps:

  1. Walk off a ledge and jump late.
    • Before you jump you must start switching your direction to slow down from going off the object you are on and back on to where you will be landing.
  2. Keep walking towards where you want to land while you are in the air.

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