Floating Assault Rifles (343 Guilty Spark)
Grabbed Frame 2The three assault rifles
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Mode: Campaign
  • Map: 343 Guilty Spark
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  • Subtype: {{{subtype}}}
  • Stunt: Floating Assault Rifles
Informal Data

The Floating Assault Rifles stunt is a trick that involves getting on top of the campaign level 343 Guilty Spark and then bypassing a load point to see oddly placed assault rifles. This trick was first done in early 2002, probably around the same time people discovered how to stay in the Pelican on this level.


The Floating Assault Rifles are a result of bypassing a load point and triggering it before you go into the construct. Normally on this level the load point is triggered once you pass the wooden bridge. This load point is responsible for the explosion by the Shade turret, the Covenant fleeing the construct, and the bullet fire that is shot by unseen allies. By triggering the load point at the opening of the construct the Player can see the shots are not coming from allies, but rather from floating assault rifles that disappear after a few seconds.


  1. Get on top of the map by throwing a grenade to stay in the Pelican and fly with it the whole way.
  2. Once the Pelican lands, get out of the Pelican and walk the way the Pelican is facing until you see a building with lights on top of it.
  3. Drop down and walk into the building as fast as you can and look where the stray shots are coming from.

Video TutorialsEdit

Out of Map Method
Floating Assault Rifles Tutorial by Paradoxic

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