Ghost jumping is a technique of altering your jump height or length, performed by jumping off of an invisible barrier. To create the barrier you have to jump off of, you have to jump in a way where your Spartan/Elite's head hits right where two textures meet, which creates a barrier that you can jump off of. For ghosts where the second texture is horizontal, you jump forward towards the ghost, crouch before you hit the ghost, hit the ghost, uncrouch and jump at the same time. This increases your chances of going straight up instead of flying backwards after hitting the ghost. Here are tips to ghosting.

• You can gain/keep some momentum while jumping off of a ghost at the lastest point you can. This requires you to hit the ghost, walk the drection you want to go for a split-second, then jump.

• Overghosting. Have you ever tried a ghost and never went high enough to land? This only works for horizontal ghosts, you uncrouch once hitting the ghost FIRST then jump. That allows you to gain a little bit higher. Alot like overjumping.

"Ghosting is a very annoying process to learn, because it creates and breaks its own rules. Learn the types of ghosts and how to hit them, it WILL be very fustrating, but if you perservere, you'll get the hang of it." - Grizzly40

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