Ghost Seat Half-Shark
Bg-ghostseathalfshark01Spinny for the winny
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Mode: {{{mode}}}
  • Map: Blood Gulch
  • Type: Inside
  • Subtype: Vehicle Inside
  • Stunt: Ghost Half-Shark (Seat)
Informal Data
Nicknames:Ghost Seat Half-Shark

The Ghost Seat Half-Shark on Blood Gulch can only be performed on top of the bases. It has a very restricted range of movement. See Ghost Seat Half-Shark for general description.

History Edit

The Ghost Seat Half-Shark was first done on Blood Gulch sometime in the early days on Halo PC. A Ghost Half Shroom on the shee-pad on BG was done by Gildor January 2006, which was subsequently declared old by duke in the TSM official Pic Posting Thread.[1] This stunt would have required a Ghost Seat Half-Shark, which is a much more simpler stunt to do. Thus it's likely that the Ghost Seat Half-Shark was discovered sometime in 2003-2004.

Tutorial Edit

Method 1 Edit

This method details how to make the Ghost Seat Half-Shark on Blood Gulch using a standard Banshee ram.

  1. Get a Ghost on top of either Blood Gulch base.
  2. Exit the Ghost so its seat is facing the corner of the hole in the base.
  3. Melee the Ghost as necessary to get it so the seat is hanging over the edge of the hole in the base.
    • Alternatively you can exit it so it's in a proper position and skip this step entirely.
  4. Use a Banshee to ram the Ghost's seat into the ceiling of the base. You may now enter the seat half-shark, though you will find your range of movement to be severely restricted by the walls in the base.
    • You can fall back into the hole if the shark gets too close to it.

Other information Edit

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References Edit

  1. TSM Forums §-official Pic Posting Thread-§ Page 37
    See Arma's Post on January 14 2006, 11:19 AM. This image is no longer available on imageshack, but can be found on HSW here: File:Gilghost3qw.jpg

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