Ghost Seat Shark
Di-ghostseatshark02Prancing in Purple
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Mode: {{{mode}}}
  • Map: {{{map}}}
  • Type: Inside
  • Subtype: Vehicle Inside
  • Stunt: Ghost Shark (Seat)
Informal Data
Nicknames:Ghost Seat Shark

The Ghost Seat Shark is an inside that exploits the seat break point of the Ghost. The Ghost Seat Shark doesn't directly resemble a shark in any way, but since it is a drivable and mobile vehicle inside it falls under the Shark category. Thus one can describe it as a Ghost Seat Shark.

History Edit

The first full Ghost Seat Shark on record was shown on Blood Gulch in Ms. Man's video Strange Things back in 2004.[citation needed]

Other information Edit

Ghost Seat Half-Shark Edit

When a ghost is inside of the ground by its seat break point, but the seat is not outside of the map, the ghost is considered to be a Ghost Seat Half-Shark.

Relevant facts Edit

  • The full Ghost Seat Shark is possible on every map except Gephyrophobia.
  • The full Ghost Shark is often used in making Ghost Shrooms on certain maps.

Related pages Edit

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