Ghost Seat Shark
  • Game: Halo (PC)
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Ice Fields
  • Type: Inside
  • Subtype: Vehicle Insides
  • Stunt: Ghost Seat Shark
Informal Data

See Ghost Seat Shark for general stunt description.

Tutorial Edit

Bridge method Edit

  1. Grab a Ghost and drive it to the cave-side of the big bridge.
  2. Facing the cave, go to the end of the rail to the left.
  3. Turn to face the rail opposite and park the Ghost so its seat hangs over the edge.
    • The Ghost's seat should be split by the railing if done correctly. If not, melee it a few times or repeat step 3.
  4. Grab a Warthog and drive it to the center of the bridge, then face the Ghost.
  5. At an angle almost parallel to the railing, slowly push the Ghost until the seat slides underground
    • Stop pushing as soon as the seat falls under. If you push too hard you may knock the Ghost out of the ground.
  6. Enter the Ghost Seat Shark and drive wherever you want on the map.

Doorway method Edit

  1. Proceed to one of the doorways that lead from the big bridge to one of the Sniper Platforms.
  2. Drive a Ghost sideways into the edge of the doorway so its seat gets stuck in the right edge of the doorway.
  3. While holding strafe right, exit the Ghost.
  4. Melee the Ghost's seat until it passes forward, creating a Ghost Seat Shark.
  5. Enter the Ghost Seat Shark and drive wherever you want on the map.

Other information Edit

Relevant facts Edit

  • The Ghost Seat Shark can reach impressive speeds when strafing across the ice lake below the bridge. Collision with objects at this speed will often knock the shark out of the ground.
  • There is nowhere on Ice Fields where the Ghost Seat Shark can become a Half-Shark, excluding the bases.
  • You can climb back up to the big bridge with the Ghost Seat Shark, though it is difficult.

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