Hog Back Balance
Tail Balance
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
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  • Map: {{{map}}}
  • Type: Balance
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  • Stunt: Hog Back Balance
Informal Data

A Hog Back Balance is a balance which involves balancing a Warthog on its back. There are two variations of the Hog Back Balance, the left leaning variation and the right leaning variation, depending on which E.P. is used. Other names used for the Hog Back Balance include: Hog Tail Balance, Hog Back Stand, and Hog Tail Stand.


  1. To begin, take a Warthog to an expanse of flat ground.
  2. Walk to the front of the Warthog and line yourself up with the Rocket Launcher reticule in the middle of the black lines on the hood.
  3. Crouch down and line your reticule up with the top corner of the axle like it is shown in the picture to the right.
    • The edge of the reticule should be exactly on the corner and the first blue line above the center of the reticle should be lined up just slightly above the corner.
  4. Throw a Plasma Grenade to make the Warthog flip upwards and into the balance.
    • If the Warthog flips all the way backwards, then you aren't throwing the grenade far back enough. If the Warthog goes up, but falls back down on it's wheels, then you are throwing the grenade too far back.

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