Gephyhogavator01Ground Floor Please.
  • Game: Halo (PC)
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Gephyrophobia
  • Type: Inside
  • Subtype: Vehicle Insides
  • Stunt: Hog Half-Shroom
Informal Data
  • Hogavator

The Hogavator is a vehicle inside that involves forcing a Warthog halfway into the ground by its hood break point. If a player tries to enter it, they will be ejected into the space underneath it. It is this quirk that gave the "Hog Elevator" its name, Hogavator.

Tutorial Edit

Method 1 Edit

  1. Start by making a Hog Balance on Rail (Horizontal UD A).
  2. Then, use a Banshee to ram the center of the Warthog from above.
    • If the Warthog is inside of the rail, but not yet inside the ground, proceed to ram it a second time.
    • You may move the Hogavator around the map by pushing it with the Banshee from it's axle side.
    • Tap the action button repeatedly to use the Hogavator.

Other information Edit

Tips Edit

  • If, when you ram the Warthog with the Banshee, it merely falls off of the rail, then you aren't hitting the Warthog properly. You want to be at maximum speed, and you want to hit the middle of the Warthog head on.
  • If you are having trouble hitting the middle of the Warthog with the Banshee, then descend so that the Banshee is right above the Warthog's center. Then, without changing your aim, reverse about five Warthog lengths above it, and ram it

Trivia Edit

  • The nickname "Hogavator" was made by Mator.
  • The Hogavator was used in the video ±Stunting± to drop onto a Banshee-lift to begin the Shee-Lifting section of the video.

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