Infinite Camoflauge
  • Game: Halo 2
  • Mode: Campaign
  • Map: {{{map}}}
  • Type: Glitch
  • Subtype: {{{subtype}}}
  • Stunt: {{{stunt}}}
Informal Data

The Infinite Camo Glitch is a glitch done by tricking the game into thinking that you aren't cloaked, when you actually are permanently cloaked by using the Envy Skull. This glitch can only be done on the levels playable by Master Chief.


  1. Get the Envy Skull.
  2. Play through a Master Chief level until you get to a known checkpoint. Once there, cloak before you get the checkpoint.
    • It may help to delay the checkpoint by jumping.
  3. After you get a checkpoint while cloaked, save and quit the game.
  4. Restart your game to get rid of the Skull effects.
  5. Resume from your last checkpoint to when you were cloaked and you should be permanently invisible.


  • This glitch can be very useful for getting through levels on Legendary difficulty as the enemies cannot see or shoot you.
  • It is impossible to use your flashlight once you have done this glitch.

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