750px-Halo Combat Evolved-Infinity
Infinity is a multiplayer level exclusive to Halo PC. It is one of the largest multiplayer maps, being a long canyon shaped in an ∞ (Oroborus or "Infinity") symbol, hence the name Infinity.


Infinity consists of two large bases containing a large signal beam emitter as seen in the single player level Halo. One emits a red beam, the other blue. It houses two Banshees at the top of each base, as well as Shades a bit further down. A smaller, secondary building lies below. In the center of the map, there are four long suspended bridges, similar to the ones seen in the beginning of the Halo campaign map. The top two bridges hold a Rocket Launcher each. At the ends of either of the lower bridges are teleporters and in the middle are health packs. There are also ladders leading to the top bridges. There are small ridges in between each upper bridge that each contain a Shade. There is also a small maze-like structure on one of the routes to blue base.

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