Infinity Beam Room
  • Game: Halo (PC)
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Infinity
  • Type: Locations
  • Subtype: Master Chief Locations
  • Stunt: Infinity Beam Room
Informal Data
Nicknames:Infinity Secret Room

The Infinity Beam Room, also known as the Infinity Secret Room, is a well-known location that places the player inside of the room where the levels' "beam" is produced. The room is only a few meters across, and is in a stretched hexagonal shape. About every 20 seconds, the beam appears, lighting up the room the player is in.


The Infinity Secret Room has been well-known for quite some time, and was probably discovered during the first few years of Halo PC stunting. The stunt is rarely put into tutorial videos for beginners; however, it is known by many halo stunters.


Hog Ram Method Edit

This method requires the cooperation of two players, who shall be referred to as Player 1 and Player 2.

  1. Get a hog on top of either the Blue Base or the Red Base.
  2. Have Player 1 drive to the back of the base and center the Warthog facing the beam room.
  3. Have Player 2 go against the wall in front of the beam room and start running straight towards it, so they are running in place and do not move right or left.
  4. Then, have Player 1 drive the warthog full speed at Player 2.

Solo Ghost Method Edit

  1. Set up a ghost so it is sideways and to the left of the wall used for the Hog Ram Method.
  2. Get behind the ghost, between it and the Beam Room.
  3. Throw a plasma grenade behind the ghost, so when it explodes it is pushed into you.
  4. Run backwards nonstop, towards the beam room.

Video TutorialsEdit

Solo Ghost Method
Solo Ghost Method by Paradoxic

Other InformationEdit


  • Normally, when you get hit by the beam, it would deal a great amount of damage and possibly kill you. This holds true at Blue Base, but at Red Base the beam doesn't affect you.
  • If you look under the room you will notice that the beam actually starts at a very low point, the bottom of it being a small flame.