Instant Telebump
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: {{{map}}}

An instant telebump is a telebump that involves blocking a teleporter node in such a way that a player going through the portal is bumped completely outside of the map’s geometry, so no further bumping or displacement is necessary.

Types Edit

There are two types of instant telebumps. The first type involves bumping a player to the side. These instant telebumps are characterized by no loss or gain on the Z-axis relative to the position a player is normally teleported to when they go through the portal. The second type involves a gain or loss in elevation.[1] This type of telebump is extremely rare, and has only ever been seen on xbox. Some stunters even doubt it's existence, and feel it should be confirmed.

Application of instant telebumps Edit

Instant telebumps work on the majority of one-way portals and on some two-way portals. They are extremely hard to perform on deep two-way portals. They are used extensively for ledging on the following maps:

Other information Edit

Relevant facts Edit

  • Instant telebumps tend to be more powerful on Halo: Combat Evolved for Xbox.
  • Instant telebumps have been seen to produce strange and unpredictable results. For instance, there is an instant telebump in deep two-way portals that bumps the player into a wall hack in the top of the portal.

References Edit

  1. Chill Out Secret Room

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