Launches are stunts that involve launching actors or vehicles through the air for an extended distance by using a variety of different methods. These launches can vary from launching a Scorpion Tank onto a mountain to launching a player from one Blue Beam Tower to the other.

History Edit

Launches are almost as old as the Halo franchise itself. Early in 2002 the video "Warthog Jump" was released by Randall Glass, showcasing the first dead-fire grenade launches. This video gave birth to the practice of launching.[1]

Halo: Combat Evolved Edit

New launching techniques for Halo: Combat Evolved have continued to emerge over the last 9 years, including PFRing, stacking, schwartz launching, pogo launching, and the techniques associated with Warp Launching and Respawn Launching. These techniques have continuously revolutionized launching in Halo: Combat Evolved. Currently, launching in Halo: Combat Evolved is oriented towards getting the most power out of the least explosives, crossing huge distances at high velocities[2], or doing things in an altogether different/creative way[3][4].

Types of launches Edit

Explosion Launches Edit

Explosion Launches are launches that use explosives to propel actors or vehicles considerable distances. These are the most common launches.

Respawn Launches Edit

Respawn launches involve respawning vehicles inside of other vehicles, resulting in a split-second intersection of the vehicles' collision models, launching the spawning vehicle and any player standing in it's path. Respawn launches function through the phenomena of displacement.

Warp Launches Edit

Warp Launches involve utilizing lag to trigger a launch. There are two major types of warp launches, Force Warp Launches and Plasma Warp Launches. Force Warp Launches involve warping a vehicle into another vehicle or player, transferring the huge momentum of the warping vehicle to the object to be launched while also providing the object to be launched with additional momentum due to the split-second intersection of the object's collision models and the displacement that follows. Plasma Warp Launches involve utilizing packet looping, a networking phenomena, to make a plasma grenade stuck onto a vehicle that a warping player is inside of explode thousands of times in a split second.[5][6]

References Edit

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