Ledge in Skylight
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Sidewinder
  • Type: Ledge
  • Subtype: Wall Ledge
  • Stunt: Ledge in Skylight
Informal Data

The Ledge in Skylight is a ledge that involves tank lifting in the skylight in the tunnels on Sidewinder.

Tutorial Edit

This method requires the cooperation of two players, who shall be referred to as Player 1 and Player 2.

  1. Bring a tank to the tunnels on Sidewinder.
  2. Have Player 1 set the tank up beneath the skylight so its turret is directly under the outcropping.
  3. Have Player 2 get on top of the turret of the tank.
  4. Have Player 1 lift Player 2 into the outcropping.

Other Information Edit

Trivia Edit

  • You can ledge all around the shaft and inside of the outcropping.

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