Ledge in Supporter
  • Game: Halo (PC)
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Damnation
  • Type: Ledge
  • Subtype: Ceiling Ledge
  • Stunt: Ledge in Supporter
Informal Data

The Ledge in Supporter stunt is a ledge that involves getting onto one of the three supporters at blue base on Damnation.

Tutorial Edit

This stunt requires the cooperation of at least two players, who shall be referred to as Player 1 and Player 2.

  1. Have Player 1 telebump Player 2 onto the ledge.
  2. Have Player 2 crouch and walk down onto the doorway in front of them.
  3. Have Player 2 jump onto the upper left corner of the doorway.
  4. Have Player 2 jump down to the next doorway to their left.
  5. Have Player 2 jump onto the upper left corner of the doorway.
  6. Have Player 2 jump from the upper left corner of the doorway to the corner of the room directly in front of them.
    • It helps to crouch and to aim more into the map than one would think necessary.
  7. Have Player 1 stand against the wall and face into it to the left of Player 2 about half a ghost length away from Player 2.
  8. Have Player 2 crouch jump onto the front of Player 1.
    • It helps to aim a little bit more into the map than you would think for this jump.
  9. Have Player 1 aim just a little left, then begin tapping forward slowly.
  10. Have Player 2 crouch walk forward as well, staying completely centered on Player 1's head. Have Player 2 make sure they are not slipping left or right.
  11. Continue the stack walk all the way until Player 2 can jump onto the corner at the end of the wall.
  12. Have Player 2 jump onto the corner directly in front of them.
  13. Have Player 1 crouch and walk under the supporter that is closest to Player 2.
    • Player 1 must walk as far under the supporter as possible.
  14. Have Player 2 jump from the corner to the top of Player 1's head.
    • This jump has to be a running jump.
  15. Have Player 2 jump from Player 1's head to the ledge in the middle of the supporter.

Other information Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In theory, a player can get to the other supporters if they utilize additional stack walks.

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