Location stunts are stunts that focus on getting the Master Chief or a vehicle to a certain spot of a map. Location stunts can require just some simple jumps, but they can also require complex explosive combinations.

Types of LocationsEdit

Master Chief LocationsEdit

Master Chief Locations specifically focus on getting just the Master Chief to a unique area on a map (Base Platform). These spots are usually high points on a map that are otherwise unreachable, or only reachable by a Banshee or Hornet.

Vehicle LocationsEdit

Vehicle Locations specifically focus on getting just a vehicle to a certain area on a map (Ghost on Top of Sidewinder Base). These spots are spots that are usually unreachable by the vehicle, or where a vehicle normally should not be.

A.I. LocationsEdit

A.I. Locations specifically focus on getting certain allies or enemies to remote places in the Halo campaign. Most of these spots are hard to reach at all, and bringing a live A.I. to the spot makes it incredibly harder to reach.

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