The Object Overload exploit involves repeating a certain action to an extent that the game is pushed past it's 'stability point'. Once the game is overloaded the physics, textures, sounds and general gameplay can act very differently than how it normally would. For example, bullets may not appear to be fired when a gun is fired, the game may become laggy, certain parts of the level may not load or work correctly. The most common way to overload a level is different from game to game.


Halo: Combat EvolvedEdit

  1. Play a campaign level in Co-op and repeatedly kill your partner, or play a level with an infinite spawn of enemies and continuously kill them.
  2. Keep killing you partner until you cannot see the projectiles from your gun.
    • This can be minutes, or even hours for this to occur.
  3. Once this has happened, your game has been overloaded.

Halo 2Edit

On certain levels there are ways to duplicate bodies or vehicles. This is one of the most common ways to overload Halo 2.

  1. Get a vehicle to duplicate and keep repeating the duplication action.
  2. Duplicate the vehicle until the game is laggy and there are obvious changes on the maps.

Halo 3Edit

With Halo 3's forge mode there are alot of different ways to overload the map. The trip mine method is the easiest.

  1. Place 2 or more trip mines in the same spot with an infinite respawn.
  2. Keep throwing trip mines until the trip mines explode, or until you are sure the map is overloaded.
    • To throw trip mines faster, throw a mine and then switch your weapon and then throw a mine again. This can make the overload two or three times faster.
  3. Once the map is overloaded, the automated features of the maps(Snowbound's turrets) will stop working.

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