Reverse Hog Door
Reverse Rocket Hog doorWait... is this the right way?
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Blood Gulch
  • Type: Balance
  • Subtype: Kinetic Balance
  • Stunt: Reverse Hog Door
Informal Data

The Reverse Hog Door is the mirror of the Hog Door, one of the most well-known stunts in all of Halo: Combat Evolved. This variation of the Hog Door is lesser-known and is more difficult to achieve. It involves hanging a Warthog over one of the four entrances of either Blood Gulch Base by a set of wheels. The difference between the Hog Door and the Reverse Hog Door is the set of wheels that are used to hold the Warthog above the doorway. The Reverse Hog Door uses the front set of wheels to hang the Warthog over one of the doorways, then it can be flipped upwards using the "Action" button, allowing the player to pass under it, as if it was a door.

Tutorial Edit

  1. Get a Warthog on top of either base on Blood Gulch.
  2. Aim between any pair of small pillars, either the bright pillars or the dark pillars on the base with the back of the Warthog, and drive the Warthog backwards at medium speed between them.
    • If the Warthog gets stuck, melee it until it drops down so it is hanging by its two front wheels.

Other Information Edit

Tips Edit

  • Be careful not to drive the Warthog into the hole.
  • Don't drive too fast or you will drive the Warthog off of the base.

Trivia Edit

  • You can enter any seat of the Warthog while it's a door.
  • Reverse Hog Doors can be put on any entrance of either base on Blood Gulch.

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