Tall Pillars
  • Game: Halo (PC)
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Chill Out
  • Type: Location
  • Subtype: Master Chief Location
  • Stunt: Tall Pillars
Informal Data

The Tall Pillars stunt is a location that involves getting on to one of the two tall pillars on Chill Out.

Tutorial Edit

Front side Edit

  1. Stand on the platform directly below the front of the tall pillar you want to get on.
  2. Rocket jump to the front side of the pillar.
    • For the lower platform you want a maximum power rocket jump.
    • For the higher platform you want a medium power rocket jump.

Back side Edit

  1. Get on top of the portal behind the tall pillars.
  2. Use a low-powered FR jump to get on the back side of the pillar.

Other information Edit

Tips Edit

  • It helps to crouch and move forward when you are trying to land on either side of the pillar.

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