• Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: {{{map}}}

A telebump is a bump that involves exploiting the flaws in the teleportation nodes in Halo: Combat Evolved to “bump” a player, usually outside of the map's geometry into a ledge.

How Telebumps Work Edit

Telebumps operate by exploiting the game's blocked portal protocol. By default, a player cannot travel through a portal if there is something blocking it on the other side. The game analyzes whether or not something is blocking the portal by checking if there is an object in a certain area. The area it checks just so happens to be a bit smaller than the area a player takes up when they travel through the portal. Thus, you can set up a player blocking one end of the portal in such a way that, when another player tries to go through and teleports successfully, the collision models of the two players will intersect – resulting in displacement, a telebump. In Halo, this can occur when the blocking player jumps while standing in a certain position. The parts of the collision models that intersect are the foot of the player blocking the portal and the head of the player who is sent through.

Types of Telebumps Edit

Application of telebumps Edit

Telebumps are used in Halo, mainly on small maps, to get outside of a map's geometry, and from there, to ledge the map. In some rare occasions telebumps can also be used to perform Player Insides. Telebumps are only possible on maps with portals, which makes them impossible to implement on the following maps:

Other information Edit

Facts Edit

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