Third Person is a 3rd party program that allows the player to detach their camera from their player and view the game in third person, as if they were in a vehicle. It was originally created by BitterBanana, and one of his releases of the program which is in use today allows for full adjustment of the position of the camera and its Field of View.

Use in stunting Edit

Third person is used in stunting mainly in ledging applications. By giving the player a third person view it makes it easier for them to navigate ledges while remaining inside and outside of the map just the right amount. It also is used to clear the player's view when they go blind. Third person has also been used with inside stunts when a player wants to see how they appear to other players. Third person is also used in Wall Walks to help players navigate the wall walks and to provide them with a more interesting view than the wall directly in front of them. Additionally, third person is sometimes used in recording applications when players want to have a different view of the surrounding scene. And, in some cases, stunters grow so accustomed to third person they use it on all occasions.

Controversy Edit

There has been some controversy on the use of third person in the stunting community, mainly in ledging applications. Some players feel that it is wrong for stunters to use third person to navigate ledges, and some go to the detesting the program and discourage the use of the program in any application. Meanwhile, other players feel that the program is fine, and continue to use it in every application they desire.

Version Edit

With the 1.09 Update the relations between Halo and all third party programs were broken, making it so they no longer worked. Now players need to implement version changer as well as the old 1.08 halo.exe in order to use any third party programs, including third person. See 1.09 Update for more details.

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