Three Weapons
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Mode: Campaign
  • Map: Pillar of Autumn
  • Type: Glitch
  • Subtype: {{{subtype}}}
  • Stunt: Three Weapons
Informal Data
The Three Weapons stunt is a glitch in the campaign level The Pillar of Autumn that let's the Actor have three weapons at one time.


  1. Play through the level until you reach Captain Keyes on the bridge and he gives you his pistol.
  2. After the cutscene ends, immediately proceed to the cafeteria area.
    • If you get to the end of the bridge and the words on your screen are still there then you won't have picked up the pistol and you were fast enough.
  3. Pick up the Assault Rifle that is on the ground before the cafeteria area.
  4. Kill an enemy and pick up the weapon that is dropped by that enemy.
  5. Walk back to the bridge and on the way there you will pick up the pistol.

Video TutorialEdit

Three Weapons on POA by Paradoxic

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