Trick jumping is a form of using various physical exploits among the Halo games to reach locations that are thought to be unreachable. Recently, trick jumping has been less popular since the end of High Impact Halo, but there is still a community of dedicated "jumpers" who frequently do trick jumps.


Trick jumping originally started in Halo 2, around December 6, 2004. This was when MrJukes made his first video showcasing some of the jumps possible in Halo 2 multiplayer. In the beginning, jumping was very simple and the jumps were very insignificant, but over time it has changed. Today there are a countless amount of trick jumps of all difficulties on every map in every game.


These are some of the most commonly seen techniques. There are more complicated techniques out there, but the complicated ones typically aren't used as much as the basic jumping techniques.

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