Weapon Switch Sword Lunge
  • Game: Halo 2
  • Mode: Campaign/Multiplayer
  • Map: {{{map}}}
  • Type: Glitch
  • Subtype: {{{subtype}}}
  • Stunt: {{{stunt}}}
Informal Data

The Weapon Switch Sword Lunge or WSSL for short is a glitch in Halo 2 that allows you to go long distances using a sword lunge.


  1. Pull out a weapon that isn't an Energy Sword and aim at an enemy so that your reticle is red.
    • For best effect, use a long range weapon like a Sniper Rifle, or a Beam Rifle.
  2. Simultaneously switch to your sword and swing your sword.
  3. If you did it right, you will lunge across the map until you are at your target, or until you hit an object that is in the way.

Video TutorialsEdit

Sword Fly Tutorial by Scurty


  • This Glitch was patched with the Map Pack Updates, but still works if it is not updated.
  • The lunges are very fast and can be used to go through walls and to skip large parts of levels.

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