A Wall-tap is a trick jumping technique that allows the character to quickly reverse horizontal or vertical momentum. This technique does not work in Halo: Combat Evolved but it does work in all of the later games. Wall-taps are used when the character needs to do a curve jump and cannot curve around the object, but there is a wall nearby. A variation of the wall-tap can be used to get extra downward speed for a faster slide jump.


Horizontal Wall-tapEdit

The horizontal wall-Tap makes it possible for the character to hit a wall and go straight back after hitting the wall. To do this you must crouch at the right time. The timing is crucial to getting a large distance from the wall-tap. To do a wall-tap you must:

  1. You must jump at a wall or solid vertical object either directly or at an angle.
  2. Before you hit the wall you must crouch and walk backwards while in the air.
    • The timing for the crouch needs to be so that you are almost completely crouched by the time you hit the wall.
  3. Run towards wherever you are wanting to land from the wall-tap.

Vertical Wall-tapEdit

Vertical wall-taps, when done properly, give the character a lot of extra downward momentum. The vertical wall-tap works in the same way and has the same timing of the crouch as a horizontal wall-tap. to do a vertical wall-tap you must:

  1. Jump when you are underneath solid ground and are able to hit your head on the ceiling when you jump.
  2. Jump up and before you hit your head you must crouch and keep walking the way that you want to go.
    • the timing for the crouch needs to be so that you are almost completely crouched by the time you hit the ceiling.


  • In Halo 2 there is a glitch that occurs when a vertical wall-tap is done correctly. If the character does a vertical wall-tap and looks up to the ceiling the character's screen will be slightly inside the ceiling momentarily. The character can see above and around the ceiling, but sometimes the scenery can be de-rendered.

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