Warp Machine
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Mode:
  • Map:
Informal Data

A warp machine is a setup of vehicles used to produce repeatable warps. Most warp machines involve utilizing the front of the tank as the primary means for warping.

Types of warp machines Edit

Applications of warp machines Edit

Warp machines are used to get inside of objects of all sorts. The Standard Forward Warp is the go-to method for getting inside of any object that you can drive up to with a tank. Line warps can be used to warp into other areas, though they aren't used as much as the Standard Forward Warp.

In addition to their applicability for Player Insides, warp machines are interesting to make by their very nature. The capacity to build more and more powerful warp machines has been something that has been pursued quite readily by stunters. Warp machine relays are also interesting, and have been pursued as well.

Also known as Edit

  • Home-made teleporter
  • Warp setup

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